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Advanced Dental Technology Does Wonders for Patients in East Amherst, NY

Our team is proud to offer patients a cozy, laid-back dental care atmosphere where they can relax – but that doesn’t mean we’re behind the times when it comes to our services and technology! Our East Amherst, NY location features several state-of-the-art tools that make your treatments more comfortable, more accurate, and safer. Exceeding our patients’ expectations is important to us, and we look forward to giving you new reasons to smile through our work. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Shannon McCarthy!

Intraoral Cameras

We enjoy helping our patients fully understand their dental care and feel confident about their future with our practice. That’s why Dr. McCarthy and the rest of our team members regularly use intraoral cameras to capture highly detailed video images of patients’ mouths. Not only are these images useful in detecting potential oral health problems, they’re also a valuable educational tool that helps our team point out areas of damage and more clearly explain potential treatments.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are extremely important for treating many common dental concerns – after all, how else could we find problems beneath the surface of your smile? Our DEXIS digital X-ray system goes a big step beyond the traditional techniques, capturing high-resolution images that are instantly viewable with no need for tedious darkroom development. The amount of radiation patients have to be exposed to is also greatly reduced, making them safer for children and adults alike.

3D X-Rays

Sometimes, 2D digital X-rays just don’t provide all the information we need about a patient’s oral structures. That’s where the revolutionary PreXion Cone Beam Scanner comes in, which rotates around the head and captures multiple images that are then constructed into a comprehensive 3D model. This helps Dr. McCarthy plan many advanced treatments with more accuracy, including dental implant placement, tooth extraction, and more.

Digital Impression System with E4D

Older patients surely remember the traditional method for taking impressions of their teeth – uncomfortable, horrible-tasting goop that you were more than likely to gag on. At Dr. McCarthy’s practice, we’re happy to have left this gross technique in the past and replaced it with a much simpler and more effective digital process. With E4D, taking impressions is as simple as scanning the tooth and capturing an image – the whole process only takes minutes to complete! Plus, the chances of needing retakes is greatly reduced, saving valuable time.

Soft Tissue Laser

When it comes to treating delicate gum tissue within the mouth, our team’s goal is to create precise, effective results in the most comfortable way possible for our patients. That’s why we rely on our Ivoclar soft tissue laser instead of traditional tools for periodontal disease treatment and other vital services. As the laser passes over the affected area, it removes targeted cell layers with an exceptional amount of accuracy, all while keeping bleeding to a minimum and sterilizing the area for faster healing.

The Wand™

For some patients, their least favorite part of visiting the dentist is having to prepare for an uncomfortable injection. That’s why our East Amherst practice has replaced the traditional needle with something much better – The Wand! The Wand doesn’t look like a syringe at all, and it’s designed to administer the anesthetic at a constant, soothing rate that the patient won’t even feel. Better yet, the application is much more precise, which means you won’t have to struggle with any numbness beyond what’s absolutely necessary.