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Meet Luc

Doctor McCarthy and her East Amherst, NY team work hard to ensure patients are comfortable from the moment they enter our office. We all take the time to answer questions, and treat you with the honesty and respect you deserve. Another way we help patients relax is by offering an alternative anti-anxiety solution – Luc! He’s our office dog, and Luc is trained to help anxious patients feel better. This means if you or a loved one suffer from dental phobia or anxiety, ask about how Luc can help you relax in our office. Luc is a poodle, and poodles are coated with hair! This means he has minimal shedding and is hypoallergenic. Even people with allergies can feel at ease around Luc.  Luc is happy to accept his payment in the form of hugs. He loves helping patients get the dental care they need without any unnecessary fear or stress.